The 'Shrek Kissing Filter' might be the strangest TikTok trend ever

The 'Shrek Kissing Filter' might be the strangest TikTok trend ever
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If you've been on TikTok in the past few days then you might have seen a very odd trend starting to develop around a filter involving Shrek and a lot of kissing.

The Shrek kissing filter is currently one of the most popular filters on the platform and basically involves nothing but everyone's favourite green animated ogre latching on to your lips for a very passionate smooch.

The big fella even grabs onto your face just to further emphasie the romance in the air.

It's blowing up all over TikTok right now and has reportedly been posted by more than 600,000 users and racking up millions of views for users who are going to creative lengths to kiss Shrek - some of whom have probably taken the joke a bit too far - we'll leave that to your imagination.

We're not gonna lie - some of these are downright hilarious, especially when people put the extra effort in.

If you want to give it a go then all you have to do is search for either 'Shrek Kissing Filter' or 'Kissing Shrek by Rylee' on TikTok to start your own kissing booth with the ogre.

The filter was created by Ryleevigor2, who previously created the 'Shrek is Love' filter.

The trend has come amidst news that a new Shrek movie is in the works after an intern at NBC reportedly leaked information about the production on LinkedIn.

Whether we'll still be kissing Shrek by the time the new movie arrives remains to be seen but we're certainly getting a chuckle out of it at the moment.

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