Subway customer's 'lose appetite' after worker shows how rotisserie chicken is prepared

Subway customer's 'lose appetite' after worker shows how rotisserie chicken is prepared
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A Subway worker has revealed how one of the sandwich chain’s most popular fillings is made.

The TikTok user, who calls themself @subwahos, posted a video offering an unappetising insight into how the outlet’s rotisserie chicken is prepared.

If you’re envisaging golden-brown birds glistening as they turn in the oven, think again.

Instead, the clip teaches us that it arrives as a vacuum-packed bulk which must then be drained of brine and broken up in a bowl to mix up the meat and fat.

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This is then carefully weighed out into portions to be served to hungry customers.

The clip, captioned “not too bad,” racked up three million views and more than 220,000 likes in a week, with fellow TikTokers divided over the culinary method.


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“The way my stomach turned,” one wrote.

“Literally gagged,” said another.

“I thought this was the best thing on the menu now I’m appalled,” commented a third.

However, others sprung to the popular lunch spot’s defence, with one insisting: “There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just packed in brine to keep it moist and fresh. I worked at subway long ago and it was fine! love the chicken tbh.”

Another reinforced the point, saying: “There nothing wrong with this – the [chicken] is roasted and then cooked sous vide – tremendously juicy.”

Others mocked the chain’s tagline – “Eat fresh” – or called out other items on the menu.

“I worked at Subway and wait til you guys know how the tuna is made,” one said ominously.

Indy100 has contacted Subway for comment.

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