Influencer criticised for mocking dad who took his daughters to a Taylor Swift concert

Influencer criticised for mocking dad who took his daughters to a Taylor Swift concert

Influencer criticised for mocking dad who took his daughters to a Taylor Swift concert

Man Up Daily, Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management, TikTok/thetoddkale

An influencer has been criticised for berating a dad for taking his kids to see Taylor Swift in concert.

The host of Man Up Daily was slammed by TikToker Todd Kale (@thetoddkale) who broke down the original video point-by-point on why the host was in the wrong.

"When do we start judging how other dads parent their kids? Watch this," Kale said as he inserted a clip of the man sporting a camouflage hat and white t-shirt.

In the clip, the guy shows a video of the Taylor Swift dad dancing and singing along with his kids at the concert - something the host wasn't a fan of as he said: "I would say any dad that takes their daughter to a Taylor Swift concert that's not the kind of dad I want raising my kid."

To which Todd then interjects and claps back: "Okay, raise your own children then. Cause all I see in this video is a dad, a present dad taking his daughters to a concert that they will remember for the rest of their lives."

It then cuts back to the host mocking the dad for wearing a Twilight t-shirt but Todd then defends the dad once more - "I wouldn't wear it but God didn't put me on this earth to judge this man."


Sorry to interrupt the normal posts, this one caught my attention and i wanted to say a couple words #parenting #fatherdaughter #fatherhood #taylorswift #swift

The host then turned his attention to slating Swift and her relationships as he continued: "Better yet let's take our daughters to a concert where the track record of 95 per cent of her relationships are straight-up dumpster fires."

He added: "Fun fact, Taylor Swift has had 12 known exes by the age of 34."

But Todd wasn't having any of it as he replied: "I've never once researched any band or artist that I liked to make sure that I agree with their relationship status."

The TikToker added that he doesn't care what the artist believes, "If I like your music, I like your music."

Another point the host attempted to make was how the music "kids listen to has a pretty significant impact on their behaviour."

Todd then argued back: "Taylor Swift sings about failed relationships. I grew up listening to Eminem and I've never beat a woman. I grew up listening to Marilyn Manson and Slipknot, and I've never worshipped the devil. The only time you should look down on somebody is when you're trying to help them up. Kudos to this dad for spending time with his daughters."

To conclude, Todd sarcastically added: "Yeah that's definitely the role model I want for my girls."

Since sharing the video, the majority of the comments agree with Todd and also stuck up for the Swiftie dad.

One person said: "I'll take my daughter to any concert she asks me to."

"They don’t like girls being raised by dads like this because they grow up with far higher expectations of men when they grow up to be stronger women," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "I took my daughter to a Justin Bieber concert and we had a blast. This dad is awesome."

"Those girls will always remember that day and and have fond memories of their dad singing along. Big w," a fourth person commented.

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