TikTokers can't believe why Amazon delivery driver quit on second day: "I'm just a girl"

TikTokers can't believe why Amazon delivery driver quit on second day: "I'm just a girl"
Amazon Delivery Driver Beats The Heat
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TikTokers are divided in opinion over a viral video about a woman who quit her job as an Amazon delivery driver on just her second day, with some in disbelief she didn't stick it out and others backing her for her actions.

Rianna Divine posted a minute long video titled 'I'm just a girl' with captions on it throughout that read: "I just quit my second day as an Amazon driver 💀"

In the minute long video, she said she had a "whole mental breakdown" and "didn't even make one trip" before she turned the van around and drove it back.

The video has more than 668k views, 33.8k likes and just over 4k comments at the time of writing.


Im just a girl … #iquit #amazondelivery

"I don't know what in my mind thought I was going to be able to be a motherf*****g Amazon Delivery driver," she said.

"B***h I just had a whole mental breakdown, girl I didn't even make one trip b***h. Didn't even make one trip. I literally just quit on the spot.

"B***h I drove that big ass truck back around and told them like 'yeah baby, I'm sorry, I quit, this is just not for me' b***h.

"You're only paying people $18.75 to drive a big ass truck with a thousand packages in there in 100 degree heat and he's like 'okay, you get three hours overtime pay', b***h you are crazy.

"Baby, for all the girlies that's on here that are Amazon delivery drivers, y'all are some strong b*****s and I salute y'all because I can't do it."

Divine got a mixed reaction in the comments.

RIQ👁️ said: "I worked 3 hours and quit they were mad as hell when I came back with that van full of packages 😂"

Yaraiga said: "Only 18$? Dang as big as that company is I thought it'll be like 25$-30$."

Doug W. said: "🤣🤣🤣 welcome to life."

Cheflife81 said: "Excuses you can't keep a job, no job will be for you.."

KingKyon94 said: "Not everyone is built for physical labor. That's how it is in 2024."

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