TikToker sparks debate on whether Gen Z looks older than millennials

TikToker sparks debate on whether Gen Z looks older than millennials
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A viral TikTok has sparked a debate about the supposed ageing rates of different generations, with claims that millennials don't seem to be ageing.

In a clip that racked up 6.1 million views, Jordan (@jordan_the_stallion8) stitched a clip that posed the question: "Have you noticed how millennials don't seem to be ageing quite like the generations before?"

He kickstarted his theory by saying boomers look "exactly like their age," whereas millennials either "look way too old for their age or they look way too young – and there's no in between."

Jordan then turned the attention to Gen Z, those born between 1997 and 2012, who he suggests "already look like adults at this point."

"Every single person in the newest generation looks like they already have a house and they're paying a mortgage," he joked.

He believes Gen Z owe their supposed rapid ageing to stress. The older generation "stressed a good amount"; millennials "have too many things to stress about" and Gen Z "just kind of gave up".

"They already gave up before it even started," he theorised.

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The comments section was flooded with fellow TikTokers commenting on the "accuracy", with hundreds of millennials ecstatic to hear his theory.

"Here’s To Ageing Backwards. Millennials," one wrote, while another joked: "Millennials don’t age because stress is our blood type."

"Millennials don't wait for the stress to hit, when we feel it coming, we take a nap. Naps are good for your mental and physical health. And the looks," a third jested.

Many people put the claims down to lifestyle factors, with one suggesting millennials owe it to their skincare regimes. "Millennials are the first generation to start using skincare so young and wear sunscreen every day," they said.

Another reiterated: "Millennials don't age as much because everything is spiralling outside of their control, so might as well focus on skincare and chill."

Gen Z soon chimed in on the conversation with one writing: "I can agree with this I'm 23 but people ask me if I'm 35 or older."

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