TikTok reportedly launching Instagram rival focused on photo sharing

TikTok reportedly launching Instagram rival focused on photo sharing
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TikTok is reportedly set to release a new social media app, TikTok Notes, that will rival Instagram.

TikTok boasts more than a billion active users and is known for predominantly video content which significantly took off over lockdown. But now, reports suggest they could be gearing up to create a social media network focused on photo-sharing.

It comes after some users received a notification from TikTok hinting at the new addition.

"TikTok Notes, a new app for photo posts, is coming soon. Your existing and future public TikTok photo posts will be shown on TikTok Notes," the pop-up allegedly read, along with a button to stop cross-posting of photos.

The notice fuelled a conversation on Reddit, where curious users asked what the random message meant.

"We need a new OG Instagram so I’m down for this," one person responded, while another added: "Everything is possible."

A third Redditor chimed in: "I got this! I’m in Australia."

"As part of our continued commitment to innovating the TikTok experience, we’re exploring ways to empower our community to create and share their creativity with photos and text in a dedicated space for those formats,” a TikTok spokesperson told Indy100.

There is already a landing page for TikTok Notes with the option to 'open app'. However, the button is not yet in action when clicked.

The page simply shows three candid snaps that suggest users will be able to share images with captions, similar to Instagram.

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