TikTok's Man vs Bear debate explained

TikTok's Man vs Bear debate explained
Would women rather be stuck in a forest with a bear or a man?
Would women rather be stuck in a forest with a bear or a man?

A viral TikTok video where women were asked if they would rather be stuck in a forest with a bear or a man has revealed a bear is the way more popular choice - and most social media users in the comments agree.

The video from screenshothq sees eight women asked what they would rather out of the two options.

The answer is massively in favour of the bear, with the animal winning by seven votes to one.

Some were hesitant with their answers but others instantly replied to the question without a hint a doubt.


The question of being stuck in a forest with a man or a bear is circulating on TikTok right now and sparking some interesting conversation.... we know what our answer would be 🐻🌳 #manvsbear #tiktok #tiktoktrend #trending #challenge #streetinterview #voxpop

One woman said: "Bear, a man is scary."

Another said: "Ummm... With a bear."

"Well I've heard about bears, they don't always attack you right, unless you like f**k with them, so maybe a bear," laughs a third.

A fourth said: "Depends what man but probably a bear."

Without hesitation, another woman said: "100 per cent a bear, which is like terrifying to say."

"Definitely a bear, some men are very scary out there," said another.

"A bear," another laughed.

To stop it being a clean sweep for the bear, one woman said: "I would say a man."

There's a similar ratio of this opinion in the comments too.

miksa8vgr said: "I get that, you know what top expect from a bear."

nistilian_nistit said: "A bear, if I say survived a bear attack no-one will ask what I was wearing and no-one will defend the bear."

DENVER said: "Worst case scenario, a bear would just kill me."

d d said: "I'm terrified of bears. I had a fear of bears from my childhood. THEY SCARE ME TO MY SOUL. And I'd still choose a bear."

Another user said: "I would say they're exaggerating but then I imagined an actual situation of getting stuck in a forest with a random man and yeah, a bear."

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