Man claims that the missing Titanic submarine has been found by a shark tracking app

Man claims that the missing Titanic submarine has been found by a shark tracking app
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A man has claimed that he may have stumbled upon the location of the missing Titanic submersible on a shark tracking app in a viral TikTok video.

Theories about the OceanGate Expeditions submersible continue to spread on social media as the search for the five passengers on board reaches a critical stage.

The sub went missing on a journey to observe the wreckage on Sunday. The deepest undersea rescue operation in history covering some 10,000 square miles of ocean is still taking place.

One TikTok user has now claimed that he may have inadvertently found a way of locating the craft, called Titan, on a shark app.

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The TikToker posted on the account “sqayl” that the shark tracking app ‘Ocearc’ threw up some unexpected readings which may be connected to the missing craft.


Replying to @Shanna My prediction came true… #Titanic #Submarine #Titan #Ocearch #SharkTracker #Shark #Glitch #Ocean #Mystery

As the user says in the clip, tracked sharks named Andromache and Simon were pinged on the app at two locations very close to the wreckage of the Titanic that did not match their travel “patterns”.

“This will inevitably get deleted by Ocearch,” sqayl said, explaining how it was incredibly unlikely that the animals have actually travelled to these points.

“The statistical likelihood of both of these sharks swimming to the exact same location where the Titanic sunk and Titan the missing submarine is located [sic] is an imaginary number that doesn’t exist,” Sqayl added.

The locations have since been deleted by the app, as sqayl stated they would be, so it’s impossible to verify the claims.

Writing in the comments, the user stated that he believes “the shark tracking [app] accidentally pinged the submarine somehow” and that the locations were not “glitches”.

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