Viral pancake woman criticised for leaving racist comment under her TikTok video

Viral pancake woman criticised for leaving racist comment under her TikTok video

Viral pancake woman accused of 'racism'

@addictedtoana / TikTok

A TikToker has been criticised for leaving a racist comment under her viral video.

Ana (@addictedtoana) posted a TikTok of her having an... expressive reaction to pancakes arriving at her table with the overlay text reading "my hangryness leaving my body at the moment I have food."

The video, which now has over 36 million views, made many cringe with viewers relating to a woman in the background seemingly judging her, with the majority of comments relating to the girl in the background.

Some comments include: "the girl in the back is so real", "we are all the woman in the back", and "I love the girl in the back."

Despite thousands of comments saying an iteration of relating to the girl in the back, Ana decided to respond to one comment.


The best part of this video is the woman jugding me #humor

The comment Ana decided to respond to was from a Black person who said "girl in the back is me and I am the girl in the back".

Ana replied to it saying, "for a Black guy hating in other [another] person that's food for thought society doesn't made [mean] you suffer with hate too?"

It seems to be Ana is saying that because Black people endure racism they should not joke about her video and cause suffering on her.

The original commenter replied saying "wow so not only are you a cringelord but you're racist too."

"You think someone looking at you weird in an iHop is equivalent to racism?!?" Wrote another.

And many seemed to agree, with one user commenting "ended her whole career in one reply"

Others pointed out the confusing wording of Ana's comment. "I don't even understand what she said," wrote one viewer.

"I had to read it three times and I still don't know what she said," wrote another.

Indy100 have reached out to Ana for comment.

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