Viral video of 'UFO' being transported splits opinion

Viral video of 'UFO' being transported splits opinion
Bizarre moment UFO lands in family's back garden

TikTok has become obsessed with so-called UFO encounters which continue to spark a string of debates about whether they are genuine or not.

In recent weeks, several clips have gone viral across the platform with claims UFOs are being transported across the US.

One snippet of footage from @mystery.usa01 has racked up over 6 million likes in a matter of days. It shows an object, likened to a cartoon UFO, travelling on the back of a truck

Some people were left in awe of the newfound discovery, while others were quick to shut down the outlandish speculations with logical explanations.

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"It's a prop most likely, they wouldn't move a ufo without a cover," one fellow TikToker wrote, while another added: "This is hilarious do you think for one minute that they would ride around town with that uncovered?"

"If it was real they would’ve moved it at night," a third suggested.


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Meanwhile, one brutal critic wrote: "Sigh Americas education system is truly failing."

Many more theorised that it was a silo, a structure for storing bulk materials.

"Tell me you’ve never seen a silo without tilling me you’ve seen a silo," one logical explanation read, while another reiterated: "That’s the top of a silo."


It comes after Michael Garrett, Sir Bernard Lovell chair in Astrophysics at the University of Manchester, revealed what our first contact with aliens would look like.

"I think the most likely way we would detect aliens is via their transmissions into space," he told Newsweek. "This is what SETI is looking for—mostly in the radio and optical part of the spectrum."

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