Waitress reveals 'favourite' part of job is 'punishing people for poor behaviour'

Waitress reveals 'favourite' part of job is 'punishing people for poor behaviour'
Waiter's clumsy fall results in spilled rice that spells
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Being a waiter or waitress as part of a front-of-house team in a restaurant can be an incredibly stressful job - from making sure all customers have exactly what they want to keeping track of all the orders coming in and out of the kitchen and everything in between.

But one waitress has revealed in a viral TikTok their "favourite" part of the job is "punishing people for poor behaviour".

Dylan, who posts as dylanpcarlino on the social media site, uploaded a clip with the caption: "As a waitress."

In the video, Dylan details how they make people wait for ages if they help themselves to a table instead of being seated by a host and the satisfaction they get from doing so.


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"As a waitress, my favourite part of my job is probably punishing people for poor behaviour at the restaurant," Dylan said.

"People will come in and seat themselves in my section without talking to anybody and I'll just let them sit there for like 20 minutes until they're like 'excuse me, nobody's helped us'.

"I go 'nobody's helped you? There's dirty plates, what are you talking about, you guys already ate' and they go 'these aren't ours'.

"'These aren't yours? Wait, did you guys come in and see yourself and not talk to anybody?'

"And they'll go 'yeah'; I go 'that's not how restaurants work. Get up. We have to go talk to the hostess. There's a 30 minute wait.'

"Job title: server. Job duties: judge, jury, executioner. Get up. The table is too big for you anyways, there's two people, why you sitting at a six?"

There have been a number of popular comments on the video.

TySpice said: "And they ALWAYS pick the dirty table?! Why? How?"

Cassie said: "Ok waitress!!!"

olddeadgrass said: "'I can't believe the host sat you at a dirty table with no menus!! wow!! then they're like ohhh..."

Catalina Aponte said: "My favourite is pretending to be OUTRAGED that a host sat them in such a manner until they reveal ✨ they sat themselves ✨"

AnnTdote said: "Conversely I will loudly praise the table next to the bad ones for their patience, bring out a free app and thank them for being kind etc so the bad table can see them get it."

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