Woman with baby receives backlash after reading stranger's text during 24-hr flight

Woman with baby receives backlash after reading stranger's text during 24-hr flight

Woman with baby receives backlash after reading stranger's text during 24-hr flight


Catching a flight can be a stressful time, particularly when you don't have control over who sits next to you on the plane.

This can sometimes mean you're next to a family with young children, which is what happened to one passenger who decided to vent to friends about her seating situation.

Well, it just so happens that the mum she was sitting next to managed to get a peep at the message and has shared her dismay in a viral video.

In the clip, @emily_mumscence posted a video of herself sat on the plane with her partner and baby as she typed out what happened.

"When you're just starting your 24-hour trip from Canada to Australia with your 9 month old and the person who sit next to you immediately starts texting her friends complaining she has a baby beside her," she wrote.


Off to a great start!!! Wish us luck pls #newmom #momsoftiktok #travelingwithkids #travelingwithbabies

For the caption, the TikToker added: "Off to a great start!!! Wish us luck please."

After the video received more than 4m views, people in the comments didn't exactly take the new mum's side.

One person said: "Extremely valid, babies are so overstimulating and they can and will invade your personal space in every way."

"I'm a mom, I've traveled with my baby, I've traveled with him as a toddler. I also text my husband complaining when I have to sit next to a baby. Traveling isn't fun for anyone with kids involved," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "I really wish they did childfree flights I would honestly pay extra," and certain airlines such as AirAsia, Japan Airlines, IndiGo, Malaysia Airlines, and Scoot Airlines do offer this option.

"My biggest fear on a long haul is sitting next to you guys on a red eye 16h flight lol," a fourth person commented.

Following the backlash, Emily addressed the criticism she received in follow-up videos where she further detailed the passenger's behaviour towards her family.

“She was acting very, very visibly annoyed,” Emily described. “Putting her hood up, audibly sighing, and putting her phone right up next to me and texting multiple friends.”

“As a parent, I am so hyper-aware of any sound Max would ever make on this flight, and that’s why we are reluctant to fly."

However, most viewers remained unchanged in their stance and continued to criticise the mum.

"You don’t have to travel with a child hope this helps!!!!" one person said.

Another added: "My mom refused to take any of my siblings on flights when they were little because of the disturbance."

Someone else replied: "She could of also been having a bad experience pre-flight and been upset for other reasons not solely sighing bc ur baby! hope this helps!"

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