Woman asks old landlord on a date just to get her security deposit back

Woman asks old landlord on a date just to get her security deposit back
These Are Some of the Specific Things That Make a Good Landlord

A woman has gone viral on TikTok for proposing a date with her landlord to get her security deposit back.

Heather (@dubwaah) shared a screenshot of a Hinge profile with her 200,000 viewers, saying: "This may look like your run-of-the-mill Hinge match. Nice message; kind of looks like it could be copied and pasted, but that's fine."

She told followers that the background of the photo looked familiar, which turned out to be the rooftop of her old townhouse she moved out of in September.

"He clearly didn’t recognise me in the photo because we only met once when I toured the apartment," she said. "But things ended very badly. To the point when we both said, 'Don’t contact me again'."

Heather moved out of the property with her now ex-boyfriend 12 months later with the landlord accusing them of causing damage to his place.

She said: "He ended up keeping our security deposit with absolutely zero word of what the damages were, no running list. He just texted me like ‘You know the damages are far beyond the security deposit.’

"No, I actually don’t know that. I paid over 400 for a move-out clean-out. We left that place like spick and span."

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At least i know hes a homeowner 😩 #hingedating #landlordspecial #tenantsrights

Heather replied to his Hinge message asking her out on a date writing: "Yes, sure! But only if you give me the security deposit back," along with a smiley face for good measure.

Sadly, the landlord unmatched her.

"Honestly upset," she concluded in a follow up video. "He was kind of cute. It could have been like a really funny story – but yeah, he was definitely an a**hole."

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