Woman told to call the police after finding creepy hidden ‘love shack’ in her house

Woman told to call the police after finding creepy hidden ‘love shack’ in her house

The TikToker opened a cabinet in her basement bathroom to find a door to the 'creepy' secret room


A woman lived what could easily have been the opening to a horror movie when she discovered a secret room in her house.

The homeowner, who goes by the username BigBrah1 on TikTok, shared a video of the spine-tingling find, last month.

In the clip, she showed how she’d uncovered the hidden space by opening a cabinet in her bathroom to find a secret door.

Pushing it open, she revealed a room decorated with rainbow-coloured hand and footprints and the words “Love Shack” painted across the wall.

It was also decked out with drawings and the names of three girls written on a piece of paper.

The TikTok has racked up more than 7 million views and 600,000 likes in the past month, with viewers sharing their alarm at the concealed lair.


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“It was either a fun little hideout, or the creepiest thing ever,” one wrote.

“Absolute weirdest vibes,” said another. “Love shack? The feet?”

“That is so obviously a room decorated for children that says LOVE SHACK!?? HUH!!” added a third.

“It’s giving abduction vibes,” noted a fourth.

In a follow-up, BigBrah offered some context surrounding her surprise discovery, explaining that it was located in the basement bathroom of her home, which made it “even creepier”.

She said that she was now using it for storage and had given it a fresh coat of paint, but stressed that it was “still creepy as hell”.

“This is definitely made for children because you cannot stand in here at all,” she added.

Still, responding to some commentators who suggested she should report it to law enforcement, she said: “I don't like coming down here, but I will not be calling the police because [...], what the hell do you want me to tell them?”


Replying to @garfield ty for all the support !! 🫶🏻

A fellow TikToker replied to her update by saying: “I would be digging into the history of the home for sure. The people who owned it. Or built it. So odd. Gives off not good vibes.”

“So you think someone built a child-sized insulated room for no reason?????” wrote another. “What do you mean you don’t know what to tell the police[?]”

But others dismissed all the hysteria, with one insisting: “That's just a teenager's secret spot, you guys overanalyse everything.”

Another pointed out: “This looks like the ultimate 90's kid hideout. Lots of us loved the song ‘Love Shack’ by the B-52's.”

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