Tearful 24-year-old called 'immature' for quitting her job on the spot

Tearful 24-year-old called 'immature' for quitting her job on the spot
9 Telltale Signs You’re Ready to Quit Your Job
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Gen Z are speaking up for themselves in the workplace are even quitting their jobs in search of greener pastures after not being satisfied with their working conditions.

Now, a new viral video has shown a 24-year-old filming the moment she decided to resign from her job on the spot - and let's just say her employer didn't take the news too well.

TikToker (@potato_munchkin420) videoed herself informing her boss that she was done, and wrote for the TikTok on-screen: "I quit my job today."

“I’m sorry, I quit. I’m done," she said.

Despite the TikToker tearing up, a voice off-camera responded, “Well, that’s not very mature."

To which the TikToker hit back: “You’re not very mature.”

In the video caption she provided further context that the woman she was talking to in the clip is 40 years older than her - "She's 64 and I'm 24 btw [by the way]."


Shes 64 btw and im 24

Since then, the video has gone viral receiving 8.1m views, and 811,000 likes, along with people taking to the comments section to support the TikToker's decision as well as share their similar experiences.

One person said: "Her reaction to you quitting was instant validation that it was the right move."

The TikToker replied with further details: "’In the rest of the vid she says not to quit n she loves me like bish what."

"If they can fire us on the spot why can’t we quit on the spot?? ur so real for this," another person wrote.

A third person added: "People need to realize a 2 weeks notice is a courtesy NOT a requirement. power to you girl."

"Good on you for quitting. I’ve quit a toxic job before it’s not easy," a fourth person commented.

Someone else added: "I got called immature as well after quitting because my manager refused to find a replacement for me yet finds one for everyone else."

In a follow-up video, the TikToker gave further details where she appeared to still be having problems with her former employer as she shared a text screenshot and wrote in the caption: "honey, that's illegal."

While in another video, she shared how "depressed" she was after quitting her job and "sat in [her] bed for four days straight," because she "couldn't see [herself] doing anything," but has since been doing self-care, appearing on camera with facemask.

Elsewhere, TikToker cries over the reality of working their first ever 9–5 job.

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