Boss pulls employee for ignoring 'important' pie-throwing question

A woman was reprimanded by her boss after refusing to take part in a "pathetic" workplace poll.

TikToker Tanya (@tanya_01_87) works remotely at her insurance company. Now, it's a running joke online that corporations will do anything in place of offering financial bonuses when targets are met.

Instead, they often treat staff to pizza, the occasional social outing – or in Tanya's case, a pie-throwing video.

"To reward us [for meeting company goals] our job is going to do a pie-throwing video," she told her 200,000 viewers. "They’re going to throw pies at each other’s faces to reward us. So they were trying to get our opinion as to which pie they should throw at each other. So they put a poll in the chat, and they wanted everybody to vote on it."

The team was asked over Microsoft Teams to vote on which type of pie they'd like to feature in the pie-throwing video.

Tanya ignored the question, due to being in the middle of the working day, and was later pulled into a meeting over it.

"My [team leader] was like, 'Hey, I noticed that you didn’t vote on which pie we should throw at each other. And it’s really important. We really want your input. You’re part of the team. We want to know which pie we should throw. We’ll give you to the end of the day,'" Tanya recalled her boss saying.



The warning did not encourage Tanya to vote...

Instead, she stuck to her work, telling followers: "I’m not going to vote. This is the most purposeless thing I’ve ever experienced from any position I’ve ever worked, and it’s just pretty pathetic."

The clip was soon flooded with comments, with one asking: "I’m confused, where is the reward?"

"Everything but money as a reward for hard work," another added, while a third joked: "This feels like some organisational psychology experiment."

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