What is the X-rated coconut challenge that is going viral?

What is the X-rated coconut challenge that is going viral?
Good sex life eases pressure of work, study finds

Don't you just love the unpredictability of TikTok?

One day you're binging innocent dance videos that skyrocketed the app's popularity during lockdown; the next, you're learning how to whip up a three-ingredient pasta – and then, people are telling you to "spell coconut".

The latest "codeword" has thrown blissfully unaware TikTokers off, prompting them to rummage through comments to try and understand what the coconut trend actually is.

Spoiler alert: It's not the fruit... In fact, it's pretty X-rated.

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Turns out it's a viral sex tip, encouraging people to spell out "coconut" with their hips.

The trend first started making waves on the platform in 2019 but has recently re-emerged and evolved into a meme – most of which we cannot share for obvious reasons.

"If I spell coconut and he asks wtf I'm doing imma cry," one person joked on Twitter, while another added: "Me, trying to remember how to spell coconut..."

Of course, everything online must be taken with a pinch of salt – and while one thing might work for you, it might not for the next person.

Sex coach Georgia Grace previously told Body+Soul: "Each person has a sexual fingerprint, and we must expand this narrow and linear view that all women like the same things when it comes to sex."

Meanwhile, one sexpert is urging people to stop having sex, to achieve more pleasure through "mind orgasms" and improve intimacy.

Karolin Tsarski, who studies tantra, believes you can achieve great things without any physical touch at all.

"Focus on intimacy, focus on pleasure, don’t focus on the goal of reaching the penetration or orgasm," she explained on This Morning.

"Just enjoy, and then you can expand. We have a very limited way of how we think of sex."

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