YouTuber pays off his mortgage with fake MrBeast merchandise

YouTuber pays off his mortgage with fake MrBeast merchandise
Mr Beast gives $10,000 to first person who agrees to fly and …

MrBeast has been sharing his wealth recently after helping 1,000 blind and partially sighted people to see again, and now it’s been revealed that he inadvertently helped a YouTuber to pay off his mortgage.

Content creator WillNE has posted a new video explaining how he used the popularity of MrBeast to sell fake merchandise – and even the man himself didn’t realise they weren't the real deal.

MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, has more than 131 million subscribers, so it’s not surprising that people wanted to buy T-shirts featuring what they believed to be his artwork.

WillNE knows Donaldson personally, having taken part in a game for one of his videos.

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WillNE, real name William Jonathan Lenney, was a contestant in a challenge to win a plane by keeping their hand on a jet for the longest time possible.

Instead of winning the jet, he’s made enough to pay off his house producing and sell merchandise which is “so good even the man himself didn't realise” that it wasn't an official MrBeast product.

“Instead of stealing this man's video ideas we'd steal his merch revenue instead” WillNE said.

The "Mr Beats" T-shirt have made hundreds of thousands of dollarsWillNE/YouTube

The video shows him wearing a T-shirt which features a logo similar to MrBeast’s blue tiger, and rather than “MrBeast” it instead reads “Mr Beats”.

It might not be official, but it’s earned WillNE hundreds of thousands of dollars – more than $786,000 in fact.

The short video even shows him fist bumping MrBeast, who didn’t seem to have any idea the merch he was wearing was fake.

MrBeast is an American YouTube personality, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, who has recently become only the second creator to reach 100 million subscribers. The 24-year-old pioneered a content genre focusing on expensive stunts, challenges and donations. The more popular he gets, the more money he gives away.

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