ITV viewers divided over 'creepy' new celebrity comedy 'Deep Fake Neighbour Wars'

ITV viewers divided over 'creepy' new celebrity comedy 'Deep Fake Neighbour Wars'
Adele, Jay Z, Greta Thunberg and more feature in Deep Fake Neighbour …

A new ITV comedy series Deep Fake Neighbour Wars has social media in a chokehold – and it's no surprise given the spoof is the first of its kind.

The six-part series uses the latest AI technology for its A-lister-inspired characters who find themselves embroiled in petty neighbour disputes.

The impersonations include the likes of Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Chris Rock, Will Smith, Adele and Greta Thunberg among many more.

It's presented as a reality TV show set in Catford, south London. Idris Elba (handyman/delivery driver) finds himself taking pride in the garden, while new tenant AI Kardashian, who plays a bus driver, shares her frustration in wanting to use the shared space.

Meanwhile, AI Stormzy gets into a heated squabble with Harry Kane over noise disturbances.

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Deep Fake Neighbour Wars certainly polarised social media.

Some loved it. Others hated it. And more delved into the creepiness of artificial intelligence.

"I thought this would be no good, but it's brilliant, and I heartily recommend it," one Twitter user wrote, adding: "Really, I'm a tough crowd as far as new comedy is concerned, and I found myself shouting with laughter quite often."

Another fan called the show "too funny," with others commenting on their "fascination" with the ITV spoof.

Meanwhile, others were quick to comment on the technology, with one saying the show struck them as being "legally questionable."

"What in the Black Mirror is going on with deep fake neighbour wars on ITVX," another quizzed.

"Deep FakeNeighbourWars is genius," one Twitter user penned. "The technology is bloody creepy though."

"Just seen a clip of deep fake neighbour wars, absolutely hate what’s happening with a.i and what it means going forward," another added.

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