Friends fan finds 'literal plot hole' when watching show on widescreen TV

Friends fan finds 'literal plot hole' when watching show on widescreen TV
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A woman said she found "a literal plot hole" in Friends thanks to her widescreen TV.

Posting on TikTok, a user called Riley hit pause on an episode of the popular show in which you can see Joey returning home to his apartment, and pointed out a huge hole in the wall of the set.

"I love when you can tell something was shot with a camera that had no intention of ever being put on a widescreen TV," Riley said.

"I'm watching Friends, and look at this," she said, pointing to the right of Joey's door.

"Look at that giant hole in the side of Joey and Chandler's apartment!"

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She captioned the video "a literal plot hole".


a literal plot hole #friends #friendsthetvshow

Commenting on the video, people shared other mistakes they've seen in the 90s sitcom.

One said: "They have so many! In one, Joey was supposed to be out of frame but you can see him covering his mouth laughing."

Another wrote: "At one point you can see a crash mat for a stunt they do."

And a third commented: "What I always notice now is the finale you can see Rachel’s shadow just before she says I got off the plane lmao".

Time to get back in the editing booth, lads.

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