How many children does Netflix star Jonathan Meijer actually have?

How many children does Netflix star Jonathan Meijer actually have?
The Man With 1000 Kids - Netflix Trailer

A new Netflix documentary series called The Man with 1000 Kids is about accused serial sperm donor Jonathan Meijer as different families claim they were deceived by the Dutchman.

Some examples of the families who have spoken out include a Dutch couple named Suzanne and Natalie who thought Meijer only helped them and just a few other couples to become parents.

While Aussies Laura and Kate from Sydney also used Meijer as their sperm donor, only to later discover via a Facebook group what Meijer had been doing.

The families attempted to get the truth from Meijer as to the number of children he has fathered and in court claimed the figure is "nearly 600."

However, fertility fraud activist, Eve Wiley has cast doubt on this estimation and believes the figure is much higher than Meijer claims.

“So with Jonathan and [sperm bank] Cryos International, he’s going to Copenhagen once a month for four days for four years. That’s roughly 200 donations, and you can get about 15 straws of sperm per ejaculation," Wiley explained in the series.

So how many children could Meijer potentially have?

"If every straw makes a baby, that could be 3,000 potential children,” she continued. “That is just one sperm bank. And we know that he was in at least 11 sperm banks.”

Therefore, if we calculate the 11 sperm banks he has donated to in The Netherlands alone multiplied by the 3,000 potential children - Meijer could have anywhere upwards of 33,000 children.

(That's not including the sperm banks he's allegedly donated to around the world).

“You get one life on this Earth — why has he chosen to use his charm and his intellect and his creativity in order to try to procreate on a mass scale and deceive all these people?” director Josh Allott asked Tudum.

“Speaking to lots of different parents that have met him and people that know him well, it seems like it almost became an addiction for him.”

Executive producer Natalie Hill also noted to Tudum how something like this can impact the entire family, particularly the children and their future families.

“Obviously, the children are affected, and the children’s children are affected," she said. "But every cousin is affected. Everyone who becomes a partner of those children is then affected. Jonathan’s brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, everyone that is connected or becomes connected by making a new family will be affected by his actions.”

The Man with 1000 Kids is now available to watch on Netflix.

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