Television giveth, and television taketh away. And, while we may feel it had only just started, Love Island 2021 has finished and been ripped from our screens for another year.

And what a series it was. Plagued with accusations of being boring early doors, the show more than picked up mid-season and delivered unparalleled chaos in Casa Amor, rampant infidelity, break-ups and arguments. It was responsible for breaking Ofcom complaint records after that Faye and Teddy slanging match and for making the nation cringe as one when Hugo said “job done” after kissing Amy. Eek.

Now, all our islanders are out there in the world, navigating the streets just like you or I (after quarantining of course, oh the glamour!). Except, unlike you or I, they now must deal with the notoriety and fame they have garnered while chilling on sun loungers for eight weeks. Some, when they are handed their phones back, will notice they have accrued over 1 million Instagram followers. What a weapon to yield!

What they do with this power is up to them – or their new management teams. But we can at least hazard a guess as to what their lives will now look like.

Millie and Liam

Liam and Millie in tonight\u2019s finaleLiam and Millie in the finaleITV

Millie and Liam, or Milliam if you like, won Love Island and are therefore in a prime position to make big bucks as a couple.

Like Jack and Dani before them (2018), they could be asked to do a spin-off show looking at their life together, which would likely chart fan favourite fashionista Millie landing brand deals with Missguided, Pretty Little Thing or some other fast-fashion brand, and Liam... ?

Of course, Liam cheated on Millie with a girl named Lillie in Casa Amor, making fans a bit nervous about the longevity of their relationship once Liam is back in Wales with armies of adoring fans paying him attention.

He also revealed himself to be a veritable Tom Jones Stan in the villa and almost gave Millie the infamous ‘ick’ by singing constantly, so if it doesn’t work out for them we could see him on cruise ships ten years down the line, serenading fans.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t meet a Tillie...

Toby and Chloe

Love Island contestants Chloe and TobyLove Island contestants Chloe and TobyITV

Toby and Chloe had quite a ‘journey’, to use a villa cliche. Toby had never been in a relationship before and his head was turned about four times before he decided that Chloe was the one for him.

Thank goodness. Together they became one of the funniest Love Island couples of all time.

We would do anything for cameras to follow them around for 24 hours, watching them do mundane things like grocery shopping or putting up some flatpack furniture. We suspect we are not alone in this.

If they split, however, as individuals they could still flourish. Having, ahem, wowed the nation with her maths skills at the Love Island talent show last week, Chloe could be a new Countdown presenter – as long as she doesn’t swear at the contestants.

Toby on the other hand could, could do literally anything and viewers will watch. And he is so chaotic we couldn’t possible guess what that will be. Model? Sure. Rapper? If you like. Olympic speed walker? Go off, King.

ITV, get to work!

Faye and Teddy

Faye and Teddy on last night\u2019s \u2018Love Island'Faye and Teddy on last night’s ‘Love Island'ITV

Faye and Teddy had a tumultuous time in the villa with many a break-up and make-up, mostly triggered by producers leaking misleading videos and photos into the villa to wind them up.

We hope they are not, therefore, impacted by media coverage and scrutiny about their relationship ‘on the outside’ and stay strong.

We can see Teddy becoming a motivational speaker or yoga teacher, given how chill he is. We suspect he will do a few public appearances, sensibly invest the money he makes into ethical businesses and sit back largely out of the public eye as they pay dividends.

Faye, on the other hand, like other Queens of chaos before her, Olivia Attwood and Georgia Steele, will do more reality TV shows – perhaps I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here or Celebrity Gogglebox – ad infinitum.

Kaz and Tyler

Tyler and Kaz ITV

Kaz was already a social media influencer before she entered the villa so it seems her life will continue as ‘normal’, just with a few more sponsored posts for teeth whitening strips and Hello Fresh meal kits. Tyler was an estate agent, and we won’t hold it against him, but now he will undoubtedly become a Boohooman model.

That – as they say – is a wrap. But those suffering with Stockholm syndrome and wringing their hands about what they will do every night at 9pm until next summer (me) need not despair.

A Love Island reunion special will air on ITV2 on Sunday 5 September to help wean us all off. Thank goodness for that.

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