Love Island fans are furious with producers for ‘sabotaging’ Faye and Teddy’s relationship

Love Island fans are furious with producers for ‘sabotaging’ Faye and Teddy’s relationship.

Yesterday, as part of the drama-filled Casa Amor week, producers sent a postcard into the main villa showing a number of the boys’ indiscretions, like Liam sleeping in a bed with Lillie and Tyler, Toby kissing Mary, and Teddy kissing Clarisse.

What they didn’t make clear, however, is that the last example took place in a game of truth or dare and, overall, Teddy has been pining for Faye and showing much more loyalty to her than the majority of the other boys have shown to the girls they are ‘coupled-up’ with in the main villa – we’re looking at you Liam.

As Faye cried and vowed to move on with new boy Sam, despite the fact that Teddy has been sleeping outside and telling Jake he has never missed a partner as much as he has missed Faye, viewers reacted with anger and accused producers of sabotaging the strong relationship:

Some viewers even said that they would complain directly to Ofcom:

And former Love Island winner Amber Gill also voiced her opinion on the drama, calling it a “set-up”.

Whether the producers will take note of viewers concerns and rectify the damage they may have caused remains to be seen, but given the show thrives off drama, we’re not holding our breath.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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