‘Bored’ Love Island fans turn to Twitter - ‘I’d rather watch 3 hours of teleshopping’

<p>Chuggs revealed his nickname means ‘cuddles and hugs’ </p>

Chuggs revealed his nickname means ‘cuddles and hugs’


After an eventful episode of Love Island on Wednesday, the nation returned to their sofas for an equally exciting follow-up, and boy, were they disappointed.

To sum up Thursday’s episode: Two new boys entered the villa; Chuggs Wallis revealed his real name and the meaning behind his nickname (spoiler alert, it’s Oliver); and Shannon and Aaron shared a steamy kiss on the terrace - of course, it wouldn’t be Love Island if the mics weren’t amped right up.

Fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment - just four days into the highly anticipated show of the year.

The majority would rather watch ‘paint dry’ - or even worse - ‘teleshopping’.

One viewer would rather relive the excruciating Matt Hancock video in place of Thursday’s episode.

Another viewer made light of the likeliness of the contestants.

Despite being branded ‘beyond boring’, fans have made it clear that they’re not giving up hope just yet.

While another sums up the whole of the UK right now.

While it’s a Love Island tradition to turn to Twitter during the breaks, one user highlighted the real Thursday night struggle.

Same time tomorrow? Absolutely.

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