Baby Reindeer's real 'Martha Scott' sits down for controversial Piers Morgan interview

Baby Reindeer's real 'Martha Scott' sits down for controversial Piers Morgan interview
Baby Reindeer raising questions about stalking laws
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The woman claiming to be the real Martha Scott from Netflix's Baby Reindeer is set to sit down with Piers Morgan on his show Uncensored in a world exclusive.

Morgan took to his Instagram to announce the surprise guest, writing: "The real-life Martha from Baby Reindeer breaks cover and gives me her first TV interview about the smash hit Netflix show. Fiona Harvey wants to have her say & ‘set the record straight.’ Is she a psycho stalker?"

The show will air on Thursday evening at 8pm on Morgan's YouTube channel.

"Get the Diet Coke ready," one person jokingly commented, while another added: "Fabulous, this will be a great watch as there are always two sides to every story, and to be fair hers needs to be heard as well."

Meanwhile, another added: "Piers about to break the internet with this interview."

It comes as the real Martha, identified as Fiona Harvey, called Netflix's Baby Reindeer a "load of rubbish."

Harvey told the Daily Record: "I’ve not been to prison. I don’t know where the four-and-a-half years and nine months comes in."

She added: "None of this happened. It’s a load of rubbish."

Harvey also said she may take legal action against Richard Gadd and Netflix and is comfortable representing herself in court.

"There are no restraining orders, injunctions or interdicts anywhere," she said about the show. "There’s just no way. I’ve not had the police at my door about any of these things."

"I don’t have any money but I’m a perfectly capable lawyer so I will represent myself."

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