Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have had their fair share of funny moments on This Morning. And another one to add to the list of the pair’s most hilarious on-air incidents is an especially windy segment from today’s show.

The hosts were in stitches this morning after guest agony aunt Miriam Margolyes let off a massive fart.

The Harry Potter star let one rip during a commercial break, which caused Schofield and Willoughby to crack up.

As the show returned after a break, the camera panned into the set as Schofield can be heard struggling to get his giggles under control.

Willoughby slapped him playfully as he wheezed: “I can’t. I can’t act professionally, I should pull myself together but Miriam has just had the most enormous fart.”

Willoughby also chuckled silently and wiped a tear from her eye.

Laughing along, Margolyes said: “You outed me.”

“You outed it,” Schofield quipped back.

Twitter found Margolyes’s flatulence and her response hilarious, with one user referring to her as a “tonic” while several others called for her to be a permanent fixture on the show.

One Twitter user wrote: “I think Phillip and Holly need to do a late-night show! Then they can be as naughty as they want and let Miriam let rip in more than one way.”

When she wasn’t making us laugh this morning, the straight-talking actor was dispensing pearls of wisdom.

When a viewer asked how she could get her husband off the couch, Maygolyes told her to leave him.

The no-nonsense actor said not to waste two seconds on “a man like that” and to “chuck him out”.

“If he doesn’t listen, if he doesn’t care, there isn’t a middle ground. He doesn’t see you as a human being,” she said.

Never has a truer word been spoken.

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