Piers Morgan: When does the former GMB presenter’s new TV show start?

Piers Morgan: When does the former GMB presenter’s new TV show start?

Journalist and presenter Piers Morgan appeared on BBC’s Sunday morning show to discuss the day’s papers and his return to screens with a new show.

The 56-year-old told presenter Sophie Raworth: “I haven’t been on breakfast television for nearly a year.”

Inevitably, Morgan jokingly threw in a jibe towards his former Good Morning Britain role: “It feels weird but nice. And my one question for you is... Am I allowed to have an opinion? Because that was the problem before.”

She responded: “Well, you’ve come to tell us about the papers.”

The pair discussed the latest news, including Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Novak Djokovic’s deportation and the notorious Downing Street parties.

“The court of public opinion has come back and found [Johnson] guilty of the most brazen rank hypocrisy imaginable,” Morgan said.

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“This was the time when the entire country had been in lockdown for weeks on end. This was a time when you couldn’t go and see loved ones when they were dying in hospital from this virus.

“This was... literally minutes after [Oliver Dowden] had the brass neck to stand there at the Downing Street press conference and order everybody ‘you’re allowed to only meet one person, outside, at two-metre distance from another household’”.

Attention soon turned to his new show under Rupert Murdoch’s news corporation.

Here’s what we know about his upcoming show so far:

When is Piers Morgan’s new show set to start?

Following his infamous departure from ITV’s Good Morning Britain early last year, Morgan will return to screens in 2022 with his own show.

The show – said to focus on “opinion, debate and interviews” – will launch in Spring on TalkTV, owned by Rupert Murdoch. It will air in the UK, US and Australia.

During his appearance on BBC, Morgan teased: “I am launching a new global daily TV show for Rupert Murdoch’s news corporation in America, starting in the spring.”

“I will be a tri-continental irritant which is something I have been aspiring to be for quite some time,

“If you’ve missed me on morning TV, I’m sorry but I’ll be back very soon.

“If you haven’t missed me, I’m not sorry.”

When is TalkTV launching?

TalkTV has not yet launched, nor has the launch date been announced.

The channel is expected to go live in early 2022 and will air in the UK, US and Australia.

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