Two missing words from Ricky Gervais Netflix blurb tell you everything about new special

Two missing words from Ricky Gervais Netflix blurb tell you everything about new special
Ricky Gervais calls terminally ill children 'ableist slur' during Netflix stand-up special
Ricky Gervais: Armageddon, Netflix

Ricky Gervais is back in the news again for his supposedly edgy stand-up comedy special on Netflix: Armageddon but many think a viral magazine listing has taken a pop at the unfunny nature of the show.

Armageddon was released on Christmas Day and had already sparked controversy before it had even aired after Gervais used an ableist slur to describe terminally ill children.

The show which is billed as 'controversial takes on political correctness and oversensitivity’ also sees Gervais make 'jokes' about migrants, paedophiles, climate change and the Holocaust has been widely panned by critics.

It would also appear that it's not just critics who are bashing Gervais's show either but the writers for magazine listings too. A photo of a listing about Armageddon in a magazine has gone viral on X/Twitter appears to take a subtle dig at the comedian.

The listing reads as follows: "Look out! Get ready to be deeply offended, because Ricky Gervais is back with another controversial stand-up special. Based around musings on the end of humanity and filmed earlier this year, the new set takes aim at political correctness and audiences' oversensitivity to what kind of jokes are acceptable. The fearless taboo-busting might be a bit much for your comfy family Christmas Day you have been warned!"

Many who have seen the listing have pointed out that it omits two words you would usually see in a write-up about a stand-up show. The first is 'comedy' the other is 'funny.'

One person wrote: "Quite noticeable how at no point does this say it's in any way actually funny."

Another added: "Got to love a recommendation for a stand-up show that includes neither the word 'comedy' or 'funny'."

A third said: "Dying at this blurb which was obviously written by someone trying to suppress a deep hatred for Gervais."

Gervais has responded to the backlash to the special. Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live about the ill children skit, the comedian said: "In the actual skit, I say "I've been doing a lot of video messages lately for terminally ill children. Only if they request it. I don't burst into hospitals and say, wake up baldy".'

"'I'm literally saying in the joke that I don't do that. But people have a reaction. They don't analyse it. They feel something – that's what offense is. It's a feeling.'"

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