Netflix Adds Over 2.4 Million Subscribers
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The difficulty with Netflix is often deciding what to watch, with its ever-growing catalogue of films and series.

Well now, dozens of secret Netflix codes have been revealed to help viewers navigate through the hundreds of genres and sub-genres and give them more time to unwind and watch their favourite shows.

Thanks to a viral tweet circulating across Twitter, one user just made Netflix viewing that little bit easier.

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All people need to do is head over to and replace "XXXX" with the code of their fancy. The method will only work when watching Netflix on a browser, it doesn’t work on the app, unfortunately.

Amongst the categories are 'quirky romance', 'LGBTQ dramas', 'independent action' – and of course, Halloween subcategories just in time for spooky season.

You can view the full list here:

If it's strictly Halloween content, Strictly Beans have broken down the best categories to watch right now:

Halloween Favourites (movies and TV shows) (108663)

Teen Halloween Films (52147)

Zombie Halloween Films (75405)

Sci-Fi Horror Films (1694)

Horror Comedies (89585)

British Horror Movies (4991)

Creature Features (6895)

Critically-acclaimed Horror Movies (3721)

Dark Films (9280)

Experimental Horror Movies (2626)

German Horror Movies (4021)

Haunted Horror Movies (81476889)

High Brow Horror (3261672)

Horror Films Based on Books (1751)

Horror Anime (10695)

Indie Psychological Horror Movies (3880)

Modern Horror Classics (81336552)

Monster Movies (947)

Psychological Horror Movies (4809)

Quirky Horror Movies (729)

Revenge Films (4903)

Small Town Scary Movies (51496215)

Slasher and Serial Killer Films (8646)

Supernatural Horror Movies (42023)

Survival Horror (2939659)

Vampire Horror Movies (75804)

Werewolf Horror Movies 75930)

Please note: Some codes may not work in all regions, or work immediately – but they should help scout out some hidden gems.

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