South Park has made a pivotal change to Kenny that hasn't been done in years

South Park has made a pivotal change to Kenny that hasn't been done in years
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Iconic animated comedy South Park has made a big change to the character Kenny meaning viewers will see his whole face for the first time in years.

Kenny McCormick is one of the show’s main characters and has been for over 25 years. He is known for his orange hoodie that he wears with the hood up covering a large part of his face so only his eyes are visible.

In previous years, writers have killed him off in several episodes, though he appears to have been offered slightly longer lifelines recently.

One thing that hasn’t changed in a long time is the fact that South Park viewers usually only see his eyes. The show is now on its 26th season, meaning it is now 10 seasons ago since Kenny’s character was last depicted without his face obscured.

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However, in a recent episode, that changed as viewers got to see Kenny in all his blonde-haired glory as his whole face and head were seen for a rare time.

In the fifth episode of season 26, called DikinBaus Hot Dogs, Kenny and Cartman plan to start a restaurant. During one montage scene, the pair can be seen walking side by side wearing t-shirts that say “restaurant owner” on them.

Kenny’s blonde hair is spiky and he is styled wearing a pair of sunglasses with his famous orange hoody draped over his shoulder.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to share their delight at seeing Kenny’s face and hair again.

One person wrote: “Nice to see Kenny’s uncovered face with his blonde hair. It’s the second time I’ve seen this.”

Someone else said: “Kenny’s face being exposed for 0.5 seconds in the newest episode brings joy to my simple life.”

Another wrote: “I don't think non-sp (South Park) people realise just how much of a huge deal it is when we actually get to see Kenny’s face. it’s such a rare occurrence that we may as well be seeing a unicorn, but better. LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS.”

The reveal appears to have some fans hoping it may become a more regular occurrence.

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