The Boys Season 4 sauna moment is the show's most NSFW scene yet

The Boys Season 4 sauna moment is the show's most NSFW scene yet

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first two episodes of The Boys Season 4 and very graphic NSFW descriptions.

Amazon Prime Video’s wildest and most outlandish series The Boys has returned with its fourth season (the first three episodes of which dropped on the streaming platform on Thursday), and true to form, it puts “Herogasm” and Termite’s Season 3 accident to shame in terms of providing viewers with arguably its most NSFW scene to date.

More specifically, in the second episode titled “Life Among the Septics”, The Boys track down Sage (a new supe whose power is being the smartest person in the world) at a conspiracy theory convention known as TruthCon, which has a reactionary ‘alt-Supe’ named Firecracker as a special guest.

A member - or rather, members - of Firecracker’s entourage is that of Splinter, who has the ability to clone himself over and over. He also has a crush on the firebrand political commentator, which is where things get weird.

Halfway through Firecracker ranting about a fake conspiracy concerning good supe Starlight being part of a “Satanic delivery service”, and having a brief chat with Sage, Splinter heads out to a locker room with Frenchie and Kimiko keeping an eye on him.

When the pair investigate, with the supe's clothes abandoned on a bench, they hear grunting behind a door at the back, which they open to find Splinter – in all his six, naked forms – in a sauna.

The first is seen masturbating to a picture of Firecracker, while the remaining five form a human chain akin to The Human Centipede, inserting their faces into the previous individual’s behind.

“This isn’t what it looks like,” he cries, once caught.

Oh, and in later scenes, Splinter duplicates himself again (naked, again) to take on The Boys in a truly outrageous fight sequence which sees them all gatecrash a bat mitzvah.

Well, look, we did warn you.

And once again, fans of the show (in which superheroes are not infallible do-gooders but rather incredibly morally corrupt, taken down a peg or two by a vigilante group called The Boys) have been left horrified by the lengths the Amazon series will go to in order to properly weird out its audience:

The first episode, “Department of Dirty Tricks” too came with a number of surprises, as we learned Homelander had been found not guilty of murder after lasering a Starlight supporter’s head off at the end of the third series, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character showed up and said hello to Butcher, and silent assasin Black Noir (who last season had his guts ripped out by Homelander for lying to him) is back somehow as a far more chattier version.

The Boys Season 4 continues on Amazon Prime Video with weekly releases every Thursday.

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