The Boys viewers left 'traumatised' by scene involving tiny man inside a penis

The Boys viewers left 'traumatised' by scene involving tiny man inside a penis
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Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Boys Season 3 and graphic NSFW descriptions.

A scene from the new season of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video has been leaving fans completely lost for words in both a good way and a bad way.

If you are a fan of superhero films then you'll be aware of the Avengers meme which asks why Ant-Man doesn't just shrink so small that he could insert himself into Thanos' backside and then grow again, essentially causing the villain to explode from the inside?

It's a bonkers idea and considering that the Avengers is owned by Disney, it's no surprise that we didn't see anything like that in Avengers: Endgame. However, The Boys is a very different kind of superhero show.

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Known for its very adult content and excessive amounts of gore, the superhero satire stuck to its nature in one of the very first scenes of the new show, except unlike the Avengers meme, The Boys decided to go the extra mile.

Warning: Things are about to get really graphic here so don't read any further if you haven't seen the episode or are in anyway squeamish.

The scene involves a new 'supe' to show called 'Termite' (played by Brett Geddes) who is parody of Ant-Man and possesses all the same powers. At a party Termite, who is suggested to be bisexual, makes out with a fan and they both do cocaine together.

The pair both then get naked and we think they are going to have sex with each other but then Termite shrinks himself and literally crawls inside the fan's penis. If that wasn't crazy enough we then see Termite walking through the penis and stroking the 'walls' (is that the right word?) of the pee hole.

Then things get truly unhinged as the cocaine that Termite did just moments ago comes back to haunt him as he sneezes and in doing so expands back to his normal size thus completely ripping the fan in half leaving him a bloody corpse on the ground, only for heroes Frenchie and Kimiko to arrive on the scene to witness the grizzly aftermath.

Its a scene that really defies description at just how unbelievable it is and is definitely worth watching if you haven't already done (and if you think you can stomach it).

Long term viewers of the show, which would be used to its completely bizarre antics, were left completely gobsmacked by what they witnessed.

To make the scene even more staggering, The Boys executive producer Eric Kripke, told TV Guide that they actually built the penis. He said: "My favorite thing about that scene is that was a real penis that we built. VFX sweetened it up, but that is an 11-foot high, 20-foot long, actual, practical penis built at great expense. It's one of the reasons I love my job."

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