Nicki Minaj gives James Corden her best Adele impression

The James Corden hate train continues, and apparently, The Chase is part of the crowd who vehemently despises the late night host.

During an episode of the popular gameshow, contestant Tom went up against Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan and was given a question that read: "In Stephen Fry's novel 'Making History', the hero changes time to try and prevent the birth of which figure?"

Of the three possible answer choices, Corden's name could be found alongside Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler—which is probably not the pair anyone would ever like to be grouped with.


The answer to the question was Adolf Hitler, which both The Vixen and Tom guessed correctly.

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Viewers, however, chuckled at Corden's name being included and were quick to share their reactions on social media.

"Someone behind the scenes on #TheChase really doesn’t like James Corden," read one tweet.

Another person said, "I love how James Corden was an actual serious answer to that question 😂😂 #TheChase"

"I'd read a book that prevented the birth of James Corden. Might write it myself, bound to be made into a film #TheChase."

Previously, the Twitterverse was left in stitches after a video resurfaced of the late singer, Meat Loaf, and a young Corden.

In the video, Meat Loaf told Corden to "never give up" on his dreams.

The sweet moment was then mocked online with many people saying Meat Loaf was to blame for the reason Corden became the celebrity that he is today.

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