It is March 2020. Boris Johnson has announced a three week national lockdown to deal with a little thing called coronavirus and you and your family or housemates are hunkering down at home waiting for the whole thing to blow over.

Your sourdough is in the oven, you’ve just downloaded TikTok, and a new Netflix documentary about the dramas taking place in one American zoo is keeping you entertained.

Good times, eh? Not really. But now you can relive that lovely time when we could only leave the house for one hour a day because Netflix have announced that a new series of the documentary - Tiger King - is in production and will be released by the end of this year.

But reacting to the news, many people didn’t want to be reminded of lockdown:

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Others, however, were excited:

Netflix is yet to announce an exact date for when the series will air nor has it dropped clues about what the series will cover though we are sure it will be full of drama if it is anything like the first.

As long as it doesn’t usher in a new pandemic, somehow, we guess we will tune in.

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