American in the UK shares ‘dumb questions’ her US friends ask about …

Americans who move to the UK are often left stumped by some of our ways - and one person was recently appeared to be shocked by the existence of a heated towel rail.

In a viral post on the Reddit forum r/CasualUK, the American posted a picture of a towel rail they found in their hotel bathroom and had to guess what it was used for.

They wrote: “American here, what the hell is this in my hotel bathroom? my guess is it's for hanging and drying towels?"

Their post has received more than 5,300 upvotes and almost 1,500 comments from British users who confirmed they were correct.

One person affirmed: “Radiator cross towel drying rail.”

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from CasualUK

Someone else joked: “In all senses, this guy doesn't know where his towel is.”

“My parents have one in their fairly small bathroom. Always used to burn my arse on the thing when drying my feet. Never learned,” one Redditor fondly remembered.

Another person suggested: “Thats for putting your underwear on while you shower so it’s nice and warm.”

Their suggestion was enjoyed by someone else who replied: “That's some 3022 thinking right there.”

In classic Reddit style, there were also some hilariously incorrect responses.

One person quipped: “Ladder to the diving board.”

Someone else suggested: “It's tricky to get the hang of, but it's for resting your balls on after a shower. The heat dries them out faster, which helps to prevent jock itch and fungal infection.

“It's got different rails to cope with different height people, and different length ballsacks. If you have a particularly hairy a**e crack, you can also use the vertical to dry that out too.

“I didn't realise this was a uniquely British thing.”

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