10 old words for love we all need to start using again

10 old words for love we all need to start using again

To mark Valentine's Day and because we're a sentimental old bunch, we decided to plunge the depths of the Historical Thesaurus of English and dig up 10 old words for love and affection that we all really should start using again...

1. Amorevolous

Loving, affectionate. E.g. "He is such an amorevolous boyfriend."

2. Canged

To be besotted with. E.g. "I am completely and utterly canged by you."

3. Dilection

Love, affection. E.g. "This is a feeling of dilection that I cannot put into words."

4. Druery

Courtship; gallantry; love; an object of love. E.g. "As part of our druery we shall be going for dinner tonight."

5. Endaunt

To caress; to make much of, hold in high esteem. E.g. "Come forth, I want to endaunt you."

6. Exopt

To wish or desire greatly. E.g. "I exopt her more than I have exopted anything before."

7. Gefreogan

To love, cherish. E.g. "I gefreogan you."

8. Nursle

To nuzzle. E.g. "I love it when you nursle up against me."

9. Smouch

To kiss someone. E.g. "It was the dreamiest smouch."

10. Smuggle

To caress. E.g. "I just want to hug and smuggle you."

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