11 things everyone should do before they turn 21

11 things everyone should do before they turn 21

Ours is the generation of Twitter, Miley Cyrus and selfie sticks. However, there are still some quintessential parts of growing up that (mostly) don't include popular culture.

Here are some things everyone should do before they become a proper adult:

1. Gone on a day trip to somewhere you haven’t been before

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Take a trip to Middle Wallop. or Rainbow Bottom (actual place names).

2. Dressed up in costume and gone to a theme park

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Going to Thorpe Park as Rafael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Yes.

3. Volunteered abroad

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Some call it a ‘gap yah’ others call it a mission: whatever you call it, do it.

4. Eaten something weird

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Grilled tarantula anyone? Battered crickets? Deep-fried Mars Bar?

5. Partied all night

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It's a rite of passage.

6. Followed a trend

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Think growing a beard or dip-dyeing your hair.

7. Done something terrifying

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Scared of public speaking? Recite poetry. Scared of heights? Skydive. Do something so frightening your legs shake.

8. Treated your family to dinner

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By now you should have a job, and it's a great feeling to be able to treat your family to dinner. It doesn't have to be pricey, just delicious!

9. Crowd surfed

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If you don't know, get to know.

10. Stayed the night some place weird/hipstery

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11. Learned a different language

Ours is the global generation, and if there's one thing that encompasses every new experience on this list, it's learning a new language.

Don't worry if you haven't done some of these, now's the chance to do so. After all, the second milestone is 25, so get to it!

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