11 things we're running out of that aren't Prosecco

11 things we're running out of that aren't Prosecco

Not to intentionally panic you but it turns out we’re running out of a lot more than just Prosecco.

Wails went up from middle classes around the world after warnings from a leading manufacturer that stocks are drastically down.

If the prospect of a bubbly shortage strikes fear into your heart then we’re sorry to have to break some more bad news. The world is also running out of:

1. Wine

If global consumer demand continues to outstrip supply then we might all be forced to drink beer. Imagine.

2. Chocolate

A disease called frosty pod (really) and bad harvests have spelled trouble for cocoa growers.

3. LSD

People just aren't making as much LSD as they used to because key ingredient ergot alkaloid has become almost impossible to get hold of.

4. White rhinos

There are only five of these bad boys left in the world thanks to poachers and the last surviving male is too old to mate.

5.Lib Dem MPs

Another endangered species, there are now only eight Liberal Democrat members of parliament. The debate on how to save them rages on.

6. Oil

You should probably know about this one, but estimates still differ as to when. Stanford University reckons we've got about 40 years.

7. Fresh water

Hopefully this isn't a surprise. But it should put prosecco in perspective.

8. Phosphorus

We've reached peak phosphorus and that's actually very important as it's an essential part of fertilisers for industrialised farming.

9.Tropical islands

The Maldives are literally disappearing. The scientific consensus is that within 100 years the country will be uninhabitable.

10. Antibiotics

The antibiotics apocalypse cometh. They're becoming less and less effective as bacteria adapt.

11. Antarctica

We are losing massive chunks of a whole continent: 159 billion tonnes of Antarctica's ice disappear into the ocean every year.

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