Twelve unexpectedly profound shower thoughts

You're groggy, you're only just out of bed, and you've managed to shuffle into the bathroom and rub some shampoo on you head. When suddenly, a moment of epiphany between all the lather: shower thoughts.

We've all been early morning philosophers, but here are 12 of the very best shower thoughts from users of Reddit that put the rest of us to shame.

1. The multiplicity of life on earth

Food doesn't really go 'bad' something just starts eating it before you do.

2. Uncover frauds

Dora calls herself an 'explorer' but travels exclusively through mapped territory.

3. Ethical dilemmas

Should I trust a pet shampoo that says it hasn't been tested on animals?

4. The inescapable patriarchy

Most women who keep their maiden names are just taking the names that their mothers took when they gave up their own maiden names.

5. Brain-melters like this

My chemistry textbook is just atoms trying to explain atoms to me.

6. The wonders/horrors of science

The skeleton isn't inside you, you're the brain so you're inside the skeleton

7. Sometimes you just think of plot holes

Since the Death Star is the size of a small moon, Obi Wan and Luke were very lucky that they docked close to the things they needed to accomplish

8. Monstercide

Is cutting off Mike Wazowski's legs the same thing as beheading him?

9. A thought for Pope Francis

If the Pope sneezes, nobody is in a high enough position of power to bless him.

10. And yet it moves!

You don't teleport to the the other edge playing PacMan, the maze is a sphere and we're looking at it like a world map.

11. Solitude

No one has ever been in an empty room.


A vacuum is one of the only items where 'collecting dust' means you actually use it.

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