15 of the most passive aggressive notes of all time

15 of the most passive aggressive notes of all time

Are you guilty of leaving passive aggressive notes?

Noise, parties, stolen food, casually re-appropriated possessions...neighbours and housemates can drive you to unmitigated despair.

But if your 'passive aggressive' request for them to reconsider their behaviour makes you sound like a serial killer, you may need to rethink your strategy.

Here are notes that have reached new levels of crazy.

1. This rollercoaster of drama

2. This wonderful read

3. This arsonist Godzilla

Jillian and her roommate found this note outside their Massachusetts apartment door.

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Apparently so. FYI, the girls weren't in. Only their obese dog.

4. This lawn lover

Found taped to an iron bench outside a house in Iowa.

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But seriously, how could they not have realised?

5. This baby-hatin' baiter

Someone in Tricia's dorm was enraged.

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Just to be clear: she's not referring to an actual baby.

Apparently, this note reflects the soul-destroying reality of sharing a bathroom with someone who leaves long hair strands in the shower drain.

6. This one who nearly called The Police

From Bonnie in Edinburgh.

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'Nuff said.

7. This canine malingner

Picture: RedditPicture: Reddit

Possibly connected to...

8. This actual murderer

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Too far.

9. This lady who rained on our parade

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10. And this, the Voice of Doom

Seen above a sink full of washing up in a San Francisco office.

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11. This enterprising way to send a note

​12. This is less passive aggressive and more just, well, agressive

Picture: (

​13. This is getting high-tech now

​14. This is some advance stuff

​15. This is not the note you want to come home too.

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