Woman goes viral after trying on grandmother's 1950s honeymoon wardrobe

Woman goes viral after trying on grandmother's 1950s honeymoon wardrobe
A woman on TikTok shared clothing and accessories her grandmother wore on her honeymoon
maddy_bill / TikTok

Something old - check. Something borrowed - check. Something blue - check.

Nothing new is needed here! TikToker Maddy Bill went viral after showing off a case of clothes and accessories her grandmother wore on her honeymoon and saved for her.

Bill, 27, posted the video showing some of the vintage items her 91-year-old grandmother wore in 1950. With over 6 million views, people requested that Bill create a series where she tries on some of the clothes.

Using photos that her grandmother, Marie D'Alessandro Donato, kept in the briefcase, Bill was able to recreate some of the looks Donato wore while on her honeymoon to New York City nearly 70 years ago.

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Commenters couldn't help but compliment the pristine quality and care of the dresses, shirts, and accessories worn by Donato.

In the comments of the video, which was first posted back in March, Bill told followers her grandmother had her clothes cleaned after her trip and saved them "as a time capsule for her kids and grandkids."


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Viewers pleaded with Bill to try on and show off some of the items in her grandmother's briefcase which she complied with.

In a series of videos posted over a month, Bill had shown off every piece from earrings and a bandana to long colorful dresses. Many noted how well the quality of clothing has upheld since the 1950s.


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"I’m in love!! Can you imagine us doing this now? Our children wouldn’t want our fast fashion Shein/Target/Amazon clothes," a commenter wrote on one video.

"i love how cyclical trends are! this is the perfect example of it too," another commenter wrote on a video of a silky blouse.


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Bill replied to a commenter that she's even worn some of the clothes out because they fit her style and current trends well.

The 27-year-old was invited to Good Morning America to tell people more about the suitcase of clothing.

"I've always known about this suitcase ever since I was a little girl," she told GMA. "My mom discovered it when she was a little older and she told me about it and she selflessly saved it for me and my sister for when we were of age."

Bill told GMA she hopes to save the clothing for her children or a special younger person in her life.

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