The 25 funniest tweets about 2016

This week - the final week of an already dark year - saw the loss of two more cultural icons: Carrie Fisher and George Michael.

After all the celebrity deaths, war, humanitarian crises and rise of populist politicians, people have taken to Twitter to say good riddance to this circumnavigation of the sun with the hashtag #2016in4words

There was dark humour



It's been a bad year

Real bad

Some people gave personal answers


Others literal ones

Very literal

There were *some* positives

But not many

The struggle has been real

The struggle has been relentless

Celebrity deaths were inevitably mentioned

A lot

And so was politics

And combinations of the two

Harambe got a mention

Several, in fact

In summary, people were not big fans of 2016

They're really glad it's nearly done

But beware...

There's still time.

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