Here’s proof that 2020 is absolutely, definitely in the future

Here’s proof that 2020 is absolutely, definitely in the future

It’s now 2020 which means we’re at the start of a new decade, which in turn means it’s time to think about the relentless passage of time and how far away we are from our childhood memories.

In any case, it's what a post on the blog Wait But Why has been considering, to time-bending effect.

Here are five of their most “feel old yet?” observations:

5. The amount of time between the moon landing and the release of The Lion King is the same amount of time between the release of The Lion King and the present day.

FYI, the same is true Jurassic Park and Forrest Gump, which were also released in 1994.

4. If the Second World War were to start today, the First World War would feel about as recent as 9/11 does.

There were 21 years between the end of the First World War and the start of the second, which is not far off the amount of time that has passed since 9/11 today(19.3 years).

3. The turn of the millennium is now closer to the 1970s than it is to today.

Remember being a child and feeling like the 1970s were a bygone retro era? Well, that’s what the kids of today might feel about the year 2000. If we take the last day of 1979 as the end point of the 70s, Y2K took place 20 years later. Compare that to today, 20 years and a few days after the millenium… and counting.

2. People over 60 were born closer in time to the Victorian era than they were to today.

Sixty years ago was 1960. Sixty years before that was the turn of the century. If you are 60 years or older, you were born closer to the end of the 1800s than were to the present day. Wow.

1. If you’re over 35, you were born closer in time to the 1940s than you were to today.

1985 was 35 years ago, and counting. The end of the 1940s was 35 years before that.

Time simply cannot be stopped.

To see more 2020 facts that will make you question the very fabric of time, check outWait But Why's blog post.

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