24 of the funniest Lord of the Rings Moneyball memes

24 of the funniest Lord of the Rings Moneyball memes
Moneyball: Clip - An Island Of Misfit Toys

Now and again the internet produces something so inspired and wonderful that you just have to sit back and enjoy it and there is no better example we can think of in 2023 than 'The Lord of the Rings Moneyball' memes.

In what would seem like a very unlikely crossover people have been making memes about the assembling of the Fellowship of the Ring as if they were actual roster picks on a US sports team but by using the method popularised by the 2011 Brad Pitt film, Moneyball.

If you haven't seen Moneyball, the film revolves around the real story of the Oakland Athletics baseball team attempting to make a competitive squad on a limited budget out of undervalued players based solely on their stats. The Moneyball method has since become popular around the world and has been utilised in numerous sports.

Now a new iteration of the Moneyball philosophy has been adopted by Lord of the Rings fans. This all started on Christmas Day when former Deadspin editor Tom Ley tweeted on Christmas day a bunch of disparaging TikTok comments complete with the caption: "Saruman seeing that Elrond spent 4 Fellowship roster spots on hobbits."

The idea here is that LOTR's big baddie Saruman underestimated the willpower of the Hobbits but Elrond the elf and Lord of Rivendell, saw their potential and picked four of them to join the Fellowship.

This then prompted the user HeylKatme to compare Elrond's decisions to those of Brad Pitt's Billy Beane and thus one of the most wholesome and creative memes of the year was born.

Here are some of our favourites.

We'll end on this note.

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