70-year-old grandma reveals her secret to looking half her age

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Grandmother of four, Carolyn Hartz, turns 70 next month. And everyone is amazed at how good she looks.

She told News AU her secret:

You have to watch what you put it in your mouth — that’s number one — and two, you have to move your legs

Hartz was diagnosed as pre-diabetic when she was 40 years old. She was eating cheesecake for breakfast, and having a packet of biscuits in the afternoon at that time. She gave up all the sweet stuff for a year so she could get her blood sugar under control.

And then after that, she told News AU:

In those days, we never talked about mindfulness but I became very aware of what I was eating. And so I did have my sweets and I made sure I tasted them.

Her healthy endeavours led her to start her own business, distributing a sugar alternative called Xylitol.

As well as her healthy diet, she gets seven to eight hours of sleep a night, goes on daily walks, and says she has a positive attitude. She also admits to having had some cosmetic work done.

She points out that 'surgery isn't the answer to healthy wellbeing' though.

Sounds easy enough, right?

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