A woman got 11 tattoos in a week to document a century of tattoo trends

A woman got 11 tattoos in a week to document a century of tattoo trends

The latest video in the 100 Years of Beauty series is pretty intense.

Tattoos, once the domain of sailors and bikers, are now mainstream - but not everyone knows how they evolved.

Cut Media put out an ad for a brave person to get inked in a style from every decade for the past 100 years in the space of just one week and Casey Lubin from Ohio volunteered - before taking part in the project she only had two small tattoos.

Casey said:

I think it's great that we can use our body as a canvas... It's really cool that you can make art a part of your body. If your body is your temple, then you should be able to decorate it the way you want, right?

Acclaimed artist Clae Welch drew and tattooed all 11 of the designs onto Lubin's skin, each one inspired by the trends and aesthetics of a different decade.

In the 1910s, colour ink for tattoos hadn't been created, so Casey's first design is strikingly black and white:

By the 1950s, tattoo artist Sailor Jerry had introduced the concept of shading:

And things got pretty psychedelic by the 1990s:

By the end of the week, Lubin's skin was a historical work of art:

Check out the video below:

Cut are looking for a man to replicate the experiment - if you're feeling brave contact

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