Adrian Chiles says he has naked lookalike making fortune on OnlyFans

Adrian Chiles says he has naked lookalike making fortune on OnlyFans
The best of the worst of Adrian Chiles

Adrian Chiles says he has a lookalike making fortune on OnlyFans by getting naked.

It’s not every day you find somebody benefitting from your likeness in the nude.

But The Guardian columnist Chiles is having that day as he reported there is a man on OnlyFans who is making thousands of pounds by looking like him.

“A bloke in Leeds who looks a bit like me is earning money on the internet as my naked lookalike,” Chiles, 55, wrote in his latest column.

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The “bloke,” a man named Mike, told Sunday Sport that he is paid anywhere from £200 to £500 to perform tasks like reading football scores, describing Brummie landmarks, reading out Chiles’ column while naked, or doing sex acts.

Apparently, Mike is profiting from Chiles’ fans/fetishists, who are called “Chillies.”

And they’re willing to pay a good amount to see Mike pretend to be Chiles while naked. Mike told the Sunday Sport that “mostly men” but some women pay him £200 per week to “eat crumpets naked and dribble butter down my front all while spouting insane drivel in a West Midlands accent.”

“Takes all sorts, I suppose,” Mike said.

It is unclear if the OnlyFans man named Mike is legitimate. But Chiles seems to have mixed feelings about it, claiming he would be “relieved” to know it’s fake but also “a little disappointed.”

He described his experience of reading the story as, “recoiling in horror” but admits he feels “pride” knowing someone out there is making a lot of money because of him.

“I must admit I did think, if only briefly, that this chap’s making a grand a day, and if things went very wrong for me – well, never say never,” Chiles writes.

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