Adrian Chiles installed a urinal in his flat and says women retch when they see it

Adrian Chiles installed a urinal in his flat and says women retch when they see it
Antiques Roadshow expert tries mysterious liquid that is later revealed as urine ...

Broadcaster and columnist Adrian Chiles has absolutely baffled readers by revealing he has a urinal in his flat.

Chiles made the revelation in an opinion piece in the Guardian, in which the title claims it has “changed his life”.

The West Bromwich Albion fanatic described how the urinal in his flat sits below a stained glass window that features the football club’s crest.

While Chiles claimed he is more proud of the urinal than the West Brom crest, he also admitted that women haven’t been so keen.

Chiles wrote: “I’m a great enthusiast for urinals in the home. This is an enthusiasm shared by very few people, especially women, who have been known to retch at the very sight of it.”

But, in the defense of urinals, Chiles says it avoids men being chastised for leaving the toilet seat up or having a poor aim.

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Chiles continued: “Well, here’s the answer: a receptacle at the correct height for ease of use, which is neat, tidy, clean and flushable. It changed my life.”

It’s fair to say the article caused quite a stir online and has certainly divided opinion.

One person suggested: “Every other columnist in the British media walked so Adrian Chiles could run.”

Another said: “Someone needs to make a tapestry of Adrian Chiles columns.”

Someone else wrote: “I feel like Adrian Chiles spends every second of his life innovating. sure it’s only stuff like ‘what if we mixed shreddies with weetabix’ but he’s never not thinking of the next angle on this funny little thing we call life.”

But, not everyone was so on board with his latest column.

One person said: “Not to be dramatic, but this has ruined my day.”

Someone else admitted: “I'm not OK with this.”

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