OnlyFans star Aella is selling her eggs because she thinks her genes are 'wonderful'

OnlyFans star Aella is selling her eggs because she thinks her genes are 'wonderful'
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We know that OnlyFans creators have a knack for getting people to pay for some unusual content, but one performer has taken things to a whole new level.

The former escort, who goes by the name Aella, has announced that she’s willing to sell her eggs – and no, we don’t mean from a pet chicken.

The Texas-based blogger has included a section on her website titled ‘Get My Eggs’ in which she explains: “I think my genes are wonderful, I’d like to see more of them in the world, and I don’t have any immediate plans for reproducing myself.”

She continues: “If you’re interested in using my eggs to reproduce, I’m down to discuss this in exchange for payment for my time and fear of needles. I have ancestry, health testing, and family history I can share.”

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The enigmatic porn actress-turned-documentary maker became one of OnlyFans’s most successful users by the age of 28, earning as much as $100,000 (around £81,800) a month for sharing explicit content.

However, Aella touts herself as a woman of many skills and interests beyond sex work, listing her hobbies as: “Social dancing, rationality (of the Lesswrong variety), circling, traffic intersections, sweating on command, playing TF2, Abalone, and the accordion; painting, typing faster than you do, and sloppily debating consciousness in dimly lit group houses.”

She is also active on Twitter, Reddit and Substack and is currently working on a “research institute for sexual fetishes”.

Aella brands herself a "whorelord, vexworker" on Twitter@Aella_Girl/Twitter

If that weren’t enough pies to have her fingers in, she’s also created a detailed “date me” survey comprising around 60 questions “in an attempt to find a serious long-term partner”.

And if you’re really interested in learning more about her, you can pay to have a video chat with the woman herself. But, of course, it’ll cost you: $500 (£415) for 30 minutes or $1,000 (£830) for an hour.

You can also apply to hold an “orgy-centric” party with her, or a “non-kink” event – and yes, it does involve filling out an extensive questionnaire.

Now the question is, is the world ready for lots of mini Aellas? She certainly hopes so…

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