People who do these jobs are most likely to cheat


A survey of 5,658 women has revealed the careers with the most cheaters.

Merchants of infidelity Victoria Milan, a dating site for 'attached' and married individuals, has released data on the professions of their clients.

The survey also found that 65 per cent (two out of three) unfaithful women cheat with someone from their place of work, but 85 per cent stopped short of recommending sleeping with a colleague.

One in five also said they believed that if rumours of their affair were circulated in the office, then their partner would be more likely to find out.

Ten per cent worried about what might happen to their career, and nothing else.

Indy100 has analysed the ranked list of top sectors for cheating, and we can't figure out how some of these noble career paths could have stooped so low.

1. Financial services

Oh no. Because bankers, brokers, and analysts have such a good reputation as a decent bunch. It will be ruined by this new information.

2. Aviation

Insert jokes about the mile high club.

3. Healthcare

Playing doctor and nurse IRL, gasp.

4. Business

Quite surprised people who work as CEOs, managers, and administrators are considered interesting enough for an affair...

5. Sport

An athlete? Lying about their performance? Shocking. The category is known as 'horizontal jogging'.

6. Arts

You mean those people wearing leather jackets and telling your partner how much they really get them, aren't just being nice?

7. Nightlife

Now nobody is going to want to be a DJ or club promoter. We predict a real shortage, as potential applicants fear they will be thought of as sleazy, given the findings of this survey.

8. Communication

Journalism is one of the most hated professions, and yet still manages to get laid enough to make it onto the list about infidelity. The world is full of masochism.

9. Legal

Presumably they can navigate their own inevitable divorce settlement. Win win.

The founder and CEO of Victoria Milan said:

The survey clearly shows that even though there’s a risk to your career, having an affair at work makes life a lot more pleasant.

And remember, your life matters more than anybody else's, so nevermind your partner's happiness. Focus on your soulless job and have a relationship shattering affair while you're at it.

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